BW-06011     Pear-shaped underglaze-blue bottle with decorations

                           of melon and fruit scrolls

An export to Turkey in Yuan Dynasty, Ching-Te-Cheng imperial ware, unmarked.
Height: 32.6cm, Mouth diameter: 9.1cm, Foot diameter: 11.4cm, Inside foot height: 1.1cm Weight:1765g
This ware has been cleansed with Oxalic Acid to remove dirt and viscidities to restore its original luster for collection and preservation.


A smooth and soft contour features a flared-mouth, thin bottle neck, round belly with foot ring - a classic representation of Chinese porcelains in Yuan Dynasty.


Joined at three sites, this bottle is decorated with melons, and fruit stems. A roll-up grass line encircles the interior mouth rim and foot ring.


Imported pigment with higher iron concentration than manganese. A dark greenish blue underglaze color unique to the paints iron rich composition. Black marks are seen at areas with high glaze application.  

Semi-transparent, green tinted surface. Fully glazed bottom conveys a firm, glittering sensation.

The clay looks grayish white, loose and rough. The raw clay material hardened with dilated sand holes. Fully glazed bottom is greenish yellow. Visible brownish black spots at unglazed areas. Around the seam between the bottom surface and the foot ring are draw-back glaze marks showing flint-red color.

The imported pigment displays varied shades of indigo-blue. Mixed air bubbles spread evenly on the glaze surface, along with metallic brown or greenish brown iron rust spots. Occasionally, bluish black marks are seen in thicker pigment layer.