Song dynasty (960-1279)

Bluish white jade – Chi dragon jade Cong

Weight: 6350 g

Diameter: 9.3 cm

Height: 24.2 cm

Width: 12.5 cm

Thickness: 3.5 cm


Bluish white jade presents partial whitish color and cinnabar ooze-color. There are soil erosion, crackles, and furry veins on the surface.  This rectangle pillar is a jade piece with a round hole in the center. On the exterior wall, there are twelve Chi dragons on four sides. Each side was curved with two large Chi dragons and one small Chi dragon.  The Chi dragon has a head shape of early Han dynasty, and two tails of long and short. Its legs present beauty and power. It is clear to see that the interior round hole was not pierced through at a time.  This jade is an extraordinary piece.